Me_GamesCom-1As a Game-Designer and -Developer my goal is to create and implement interconnected systems that players can use freely to write their own, unique and memorable stories on every playthrough.

I have a passion for designing and developing games and there are three things in Game Development that especially fascinate me:

  1. The way the numerous systems and mechanics in a game mesh together like a clockwork (which is why I’m particularly interested in systemic game design),
  2. The iterative process of implementing the individual features and reevaluating the game as a whole over and over again and last but not least:
  3. The amazing variety of people’s backgrounds and individual skills and talents in a development team, all working together to realize one vision.

The people I got to know in the games industry are some of the most talented and motivated persons I’ve ever met and I’m thrilled by that. I’m eager to learn new things in all possible areas regarding the development of video games and am very enthusiastic about the games I create (needless to say, working in this industry is a dream come true).

When interacting with someone in general I have a strong focus on empathy. This trait became an important part of my life in all aspects and proved to be also very useful for working in (and leading) a development team.

My main fields of work, that emerged through several Game Development projects, are Programming and Game Design, with a focus on System Design and Technical Design.


Familiar Programs



Familiar (Programming) Languages

Languages German (native language), English (fluent)
Programming Languages C#, C++, Java